<Traditional Artisan> TAKAYUKI OKAWARA

Born in 1932 and has been for manufacturing scissors for Japanese dress, and other cutlery since 15 yeras. Established Kiku Kazuhiro (brand name of Kazuhiro Cutlery Co., Ltd) together with his oldest brother, Kazuo.
Traditional artisan of manufacturing industry of Tokyo, and of Katsushika-ku, Tokyo. Yakichi was the founder of scissors industry in Japan in the Edo period, and made according to the technique of Japanese sword, by fully hand-made. Takayuki had been led by Heijiro, a master artisan of Japanese style scissors, succeeding technique of Japanese sword. Its performance makes successful reputation on media of overseas as well as of Japan.


Kiku-Kazuhiro's hand-made scissors one of the products that are mostly appreciated by many professionals
Kiku-kazuhiro cutlery, made by Takayuki Okawara, is warmly accepted by famous artists, such as Mr. Jason Denham of DENHAM JEANS CEO.
Able to cut lightly like air according to him.

  (This is made for special order from Mr. Jason Denham)



Traditional craft

Appointed as one of Tokyo traditional crafts.

Tokyo traditional crafts
1. To be products by hand-made.
2. To be based on Japanese traditional technology.
3. To be made from traditionally used materials and stuff.
4. To be made in the inside of Tokyo.

Traditional Crafts of Tokyo

History and Characteristics

  • Following the fall of the Edo Shogunate and the Sword Abolishment Act of 1871, which prohibited ordinary people from carrying weapons, most of the remaining swordsmiths were forced to start making commercial and kitchen implements. They responded to the nation's Westernization (known as bunmei kaika, "the civilization and enlightenment movement") by applying their inherited skills to the manufacture of Western-style blades.

kiku-kazuhiro's WORKS

dressmaking scissors

Fully hand-made scissors according to the Japanese traditional technique

Cutting knife

Japanese style highghly functionable cutting knife