Kiku-Kazuhirro's scissors is made fully by hand and is ranked as one of the best products by many professionals. Manufacturing is based on traditional technique of Japanese sword which has been succeeded by artisans. These products are very beautifull and useful that many professionals and specialists request for their jobs. Because of fully hand-maded, productivity is limited to a small quantity like a piece or so per day. Because of fully hand-maded, the amount of products we produce evryday is very small and not sole in the market. These kinds of scissors are made only in Japan, but there is scarcely a producers by fully hand-forging event in Japan.
Made by fully hand-forging, (Sou-hizukuri) based on the traditional Japanese sword techniques.
Blade is combined with steel and mild steel by hand-forging.
All portions, including grips, handle, and blade, are made of a piece of mild steel.
Japanese highest quality of steel, Yasugi Specialty Steel "Aogami", used.
Soft and tenacious because of hand-forging out of a steel including blade and others.
Sharp and delicate as Japanese sword.
Biting of cutting edges is very smooth.
Feeling comfortable for long use because of biting of smooth cutting edges.
Able to produce only a piece or so per day because of fully hand-made.
"Sou-hizukuri" is scarce, and not available in the market.

(Only in Japanese)