[Kikukazuhiro's] Leather Scissors <Sou-hizukuri Method>


This is a unique scissors in the world by "Sou-hizukuri" as Japan's traditional technique for swords. Succeeded in having soft and tenacious such as Japanese swords in view of ratio of steel / mild steel as a result of our investgation. Able to cut even thick leathers precisely by sharp cutting edge like Japanese sword, and suitable for long use. Except "Sou-hizukuri", most of products in the market are made by welding the potions of grips, handle, and edge of blade.

Made by fully hand-forging, (Sou-hizukuri) based on the traditional Japanese sword techniques.
Blade is combined with steel and mild steel by hand-forging.
All portions, including grips, handle, and blade, are made of a piece of mild steel.
Japanese highest quality of steel, Yasugi Specialty Steel "Aogami", used.
Soft and tenacious because of hand-forging out of a steel including blade and others.
Sharp and delicate as Japanese sword.
Biting of cutting edges is very smooth.
Feeling comfortable for long use because of biting of smooth cutting edges.
Able to produce only a piece or so per day because of fully hand-made.
"Sou-hizukuri" is scarce, and not available in the market.
Manufacturing method  
  All by hand-forging (Souhi-zukuri Method)
  Yasugi Specialty Steel "Aogami"
  To Tokyo traditional crafts
  KikuKazuhiro (by Takayuki Okawara)
Package box
  Japanese Paulownia box
  Total length of products are approximate 180mm
These products are not allowed to return
$ 360.00