[KikuKazuhiro's] Nail clippers


Kiku-kazuhiro's nail clipper is the highest quality of clipper produced according to traditional technology for Japanese swords.
Its edge is very keen and designed to be able to even cut thick and hard nail clean.
So it widely is used with young and seniors.
As well as normal nail, it is arranged to easily cut deformed nail like winding ones.

A movable spring is combined, that the edges of clipper are able to completely be shut for safety's sake by adjusting the spring with the tips of fingers.
As it is designed to make handling easier for seniors and to easily cut nails with difficulty of cutting, it meets with public approval as gift from children to parent.

Additionally, it is packed in high class Japanese Paulownia box.
So we hope it would be a great gift.

  Stainless Steel
Package box  
  Japanese Paulownia box
  Total length of products are approximate 120mm

$ 89.00